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PRESS RELEASE - Publishing Dimensions partners with Content Directionson DOI

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 10:43:51 -0500
From: Ken Brooks <kbrooks@pubdimensions.com>
To: 'Marketing' <marketing@pubdimensions.com>
Subject: PRESS RELEASE - Publishing Dimensions partners with Content
    Directions on DOI


We've been finding that there's a great deal of interest in the industry
about Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), but considerable uncertainty
about how they fit it into existing marketing and metadata efforts.
Publishing Dimensions is offering a new service to work with publishers to
determine how best to utilize DOIs and then assist with registration and
implementation. The press release below went out last week to announce our
partnership with Content Directions in providing this service. If this is
of interest to you, please contact either Kathleen
(kdoody@pubdimensions.com) or me (kbrooks@pubdimensions.com).

Best regards, --Ken



Tina Aridas
 Deputy Manager, Marketing & Press Relations
Content Directions, Inc.
 <mailto:taridas@contentdirections.com> taridas@contentdirections.com
 <http://www.contentdirections.com/> http://www.contentdirections.com
Kathleen Doody
Director, Account Management
Publishing Dimensions 
Joint capabilities will provide publishers with an easier and faster way
to adopt DOI to enhance content discoverability, increase web-based sales
and improve customer service
New York, NY, January 29, 2003 - Content Directions, Inc., the leading
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency, and Publishing
Dimensions, a leading provider of digital conversion and digital
distribution services for the publishing industry, today announced that
they have entered into a strategic alliance.  The two companies will join
forces to facilitate DOI registration throughout the publishing industry.  
This powerful combination of solutions will enable publishers to easily
and rapidly assign DOIs to their electronic and print content marketed on
the Internet.
Publishing Dimensions enables DOI registration for publishers as part of
its normal metadata and content conversion services and also assists
publishers in implementing DOI-related marketing programs. Publishing
Dimensions is currently using DOIs to identify publisher-relevant material
on eBooks, print, and print-on-demand related Intellectual Property on its
For a live example of the DOI technology, click on the following DOI for a
white paper on Print-on-Demand in the Supply Chain:
"We congratulate Publishing Dimensions on being the first provider of
digital conversion and distribution services for the publishing industry
to take advantage of the DOI," said David Sidman, CEO of Content
Directions. "As a leading full service provider, Publishing Dimensions has
recognized that the DOI is a key component of the online value chain, as
it enables publishers to increase their revenue from Internet-based
content, serve their customers anywhere online and reduce their costs
throughout the sales and distribution chain.  By partnering with
Publishing Dimensions, we will make the process of DOI registration even
easier and more convenient for publishers."
"Publishing Dimensions offers metadata distribution for our conversion and
distribution clients," said Ken Brooks, President of Publishing
Dimensions. "Adding a registered DOI into that process is a natural next
step. We believe it's important to help publishers make as much money as
they can in the digital economy for print as well as electronic books. The
DOI provides for excellent marketing capability in an otherwise cluttered
Internet community. Assigning a DOI makes a title, an author or a subject
much easier to locate and provides higher rankings as well as more
targeted results on Google and other search engines."
About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI(r)) 

The DOI is a system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property
in the digital environment. The DOI is similar to the UPC (bar code) in
the physical world, but applied to Internet-based resources such as
digital content published online, as well as to online references to
physical content such as Print books and other physical products. It
uniquely identifies these objects and provides permanent links to the
publisher and/or to any related services the publisher wants to enable,
thus facilitating online transactions of all kinds including e-commerce,
rights management and digital distribution. Created by the primary
architect of the Internet (Dr. Robert Kahn), the DOI can be thought of as
"The Next-Generation URL," or "a URL on steroids," because it is:
*  Unbreakable
*  Multi-linkable
*  Dynamic
*  Industry standard
*  Scalable
*  Low-cost to implement
The DOI travels with the item it's registered to (book, chapter, section,
database record, image, etc.) throughout the Internet, on syndicated and
partner sites, and via downloads. As long as the user is connected to the
Web, the DOI MultiLink* functionality is fully searchable and remains in
existence until the registrant reassigns them or shuts them off.

About Publishing Dimensions

Publishing Dimensions <http://www.pubdimensions.com/>, established in the
Fall of 1999, handles content conversion for all sectors of the publishing
community. Seeing a need for small publishers to get involved in the
digital community, Publishing Dimensions established Quiet Island Books to
handle distribution of titles through the major eBook and Print on Demand
wholesale and retail channels. In addition to conversion and distribution
solutions, Publishing Dimensions offers consulting services to the
publishing industry.
About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

CDI assists companies to increase their sales and profitability by
improving the discoverability and utilization of their intellectual
property and services, both on the Internet and within their enterprises.  
Its major tool is the DOI(r), a linking mechanism developed by the primary
inventor of the Internet (Dr. Robert Kahn) and representing "The
Next-Generation URL" in terms of superior reliability and functionality.  
(See above for more information about the DOI.)
CDI is a DOI Registration Agency dedicated exclusively to implementing and
promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).  This includes
consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut
costs, as well as actually registering DOI's for digital content.
Additional information on the DOI and on CDI's products and services can be
found at <http://www.contentdirections.com>

Live DOIs from other CDI customers can be found at
<http://dx.doi.org/10.1220/demo21>  For more information, please email us
at info@contentdirections.com or click on the DOI for this press release:  

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