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ISI impact factor, 2001: Physics-Uspekhi

Dear Ann Okerson

Can I ask your permission to place the attached information on the
Liblicense-1 discussion list. I think we should forward this information
to the library community and to explain what was happened with the ISI
JCR production system applied to our publication.

Thanks and best wishes

My apologies for the cross posting.

Physics-Uspekhi ranking in Physics, Multidisciplinary category - 18
out of 67, with the 2001 Impact Factor of 1.542.

I would like to publicize the data we have recently received from the ISI
Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Editors. Physics-Uspekhi, one of the
Russian prestigious journals in physics, has been accidentally dropped
from the 2001 list. In 2001, the ISI switched coverage from the original
Russian version, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, to the English translation
version, Physics-Uspekhi. For this reason the Russian title no longer
appears in the JCR. The ISI say that all citations to the Russian title
and the English translation title are being unified for the journal's
citation record, including Impact Factor. In the 2002 JCR there will
appear a citation record for PHYS-USP+ with a plus sign indicating that
the original and translated titles are unified.

The 2001 data was manually researched and calculated by the ISI at our
persistent request, but it was not timely published in the JCR. We do
regret any inconvenience.

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