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Whats the Big Deal? ASA Conference 2003

Please find beow an outline of our annual conference held in London each
year. Full details arec on our Website www.subscription-agents.org as
normal, or please contact me. Apologies for crossposting.

What's the Big Deal? 
Journal Purchasing  -- Bulk Buying or Cherry-Picking?
Strategic issues for librarians, publishers, agents and intermediaries

ASA Conference 2003
24 and 25 February, 2003
RCN, 20 Cavendish Square, London, UK

Plenary Session  -- What's in a Deal?

o Site licensing, bulk buying and the current position.  Richard Smart,
  Ingenta Institute
o The purchasing process and licensing content.  Arjen Oudheusden, 
  Marketing Director, Swets Blackwell.

Bulk Buying - the pricing model for the future?

o Big Deal models: advantages and practical experience.  Reed Elfenbein, 
  VP Global Sales STM Publishing, John Wiley and Sons.

o Better value from bigger deals: issues and experience.  David Kohl, 
  Dean and University Librarian Emeritus, University of Cincinnati.

o Why bulk purchasing doesn't always work.  Marion Tattersall, Electronic
  Library Group, University of Sheffield Library.

o Does bulk purchasing work for the smaller publisher?  Sally Morris,
  Secretary-General, ALPSP.

o Making the sale, are intermediaries the answer?  Hannah Walker, Manager
  Publisher Relations Europe, Ovid Technologies.

The question of choice

o Quantity, quality and the role of consortia.  Chuck Hamaker, Associate
  University Librarian for Collections and Technical Services, Univ. of
  North Carolina Charlotte.

o Aggregation, intermediation and alternative means of access.  Ian
  Middleton, Director, EBSCO UK,

Impact of bulk buying on the purchasing system

o Complexity and costs in the purchasing process.  Kari Stange, Senior
  Executive Officer, BIBSAM

o E-journals - the total costs.  Neil Addison, NEYAL Purchasing Officer,
  University of Newcastle

o Service in an uncertain world.   Knut Dorn, Director, Otto Harrassowitz

Alternatives and future scenarios

o Open access and the impact on publishing and purchasing.  Chris Awre,
  Programme Manager Portals, JISC

o Will libraries always need intermediation?  Diana Leitch, Assistant
  Director and Deputy University Librarian, University of Manchester

o Conclusions and some views on the future.    Liz McNaughton, Publisher  
  Relations Director, divine Information Services

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