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free compilation of professional reading for librarians

Of possible interest.

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Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:49:45 -0500
From: Arlene Eis <aeis@carroll.com>
To: arlene@infosourcespub.com
Subject: free compilation of professional reading for librarians

Introducing THE INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE - free current awareness for the
library and information professional --

Infosources Publishing is now accepting subscribers to the new FREE
INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE. It offers you an easy, timesaving way to stay
on top of your professional reading. You can now keep up with all of your
favorite domestic and foreign library and information-related journals,
e-journals, magazines, e-zines, newsletters and e-newsletters with THE
INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE. Each month, you will receive ONE email with a
compilation of the tables of contents of ALL the journals that hit their
electronic newsstands out during the month. It will all be in one place
for your ease of use. You can even read the full-text online or see
abstracts of the articles for many of the titles. You will also find new
book contents of titles of interest to the library profession.

The ten reasons you should subscribe to THE INFORMED LIBRARIAN ONLINE:

1. it will expand your horizons as a library professional
2. it compiles all of your professional reading in one place at one time
3. it is comprehensive (200+ titles and growing)
4. it is free
5. it will help you keep abreast of all library trends and developments and
   what is being written about in the library literature
6. it will help you stay on top of your professional reading without having
to subscribe to all the journals you want to read, so it will have a
   positive impact on your budget
7. it will save you time in tracking down all the titles you want to keep
   up with
8. about 50% of the titles covered offer free full-text or abstracts of the
9. you will be alerted to new books in the profession, and be able to view
   their contents
10. each monthly issue will highlight a few selected articles for you

It is simple to subscribe. Go to
http://www.infosourcespub.com/ilofreesubscribe.cfm Your first issue will
be arriving in your emailbox immediately.

We encourage you to forward this introductory email to any of your
colleagues who also want to keep up with library current awareness, so
they too can be Informed Librarians. You may also post this information to
your professional listservs or share it with your colleagues at work and
at your professional organizations.

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