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L'Annee Philologique: news

I am happy to report that Les Belles Lettres has indicated that they will
in future strike the jurisdiction clause (paragraph 8) from their license
for L'Annee Philologique upon request from a prospective subscriber.  
That is, the license supplied will continue to contain the language, but
they will delete it outright when asked.  I believe and hope that this
marks the end of this difficulty.  The other issues (IP range access and
various minor technical difficulties) seem also to be past and so it
should be posible for all American institutions to subscribe now and gain
access for their faculty and students in short order.  I must praise the
collaboration of my colleagues in the American Philological Association,
especially Professor Dee Clayman of CUNY, and our transatlantic colleagues
in the Societe Internationale de Bibliographie Classique.  Dr. Eric
Rebillard has been indispensable in bringing the various parties together
to mutual understanding.

Jim O'Donnell
Georgetown University