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Re: Serials Payments Dates


Libraries have traditionally relied on serials agents to fill the gap and
provide continuity. You seem to suggest that it is against their financial
interests to do so. If they adopt this policy, they will provide libraries
with the exact opposite of the service we have been paying them for.

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Anthony Watkinson wrote:

> There is a difference of view among publishers about turning off access to
> e-sources at the start of a new year. In the print environment some
> publishers have always allowed grace copies i.e. they send out the first
> issue even if the subscription has not been entered for the year in
> question. Others do not - they argue that if they have not received the
> money they do not supply. The difference in approach is carried in to the
> digital environment.
> There is a battle between agents and publishers being carried on here. It
> is in the interest of the agents to pay the publishers as late in the year
> as possible for the subscriptions coming in to play in the year following.
> Many publishers are unwilling to recognise a subscription until they have
> the money in their hands.
> Anthony Watkinson