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RE: Serials Payment Dates

At SCIENCE our policy  is a 2 month grace period before access is turned

Tom Ryan
Director, Site Licensing
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>>> ebauer@creighton.edu 11/06/02 05:36PM >>>
I have a question about access to online journals...I run into problems
around September and October where many online journals just cut off our
access without informing us (so frustrating..we don't know until someone
is trying to get into the journal!) It seems a little premature to denying
us access (or wanting us to reregister for the new subscription year)
because it's too early for us to have all our renewals into our agent and
for them to have the paperwork done. Does this happen to other libraries
and how do you deal with it?

Erin Bauer
Serials/Electronic Collections Librarian
Creighton University Medical Center
Health Sciences Library