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Harvard Business Review online access

I'm interested in learning how other libraries are providing online access
to the Harvard Business Review. The web site,
points you to Harvard Business Review Digital Edition,
http://hbr.newsstand.com/, from Newsstand, which offers "corporate and
bulk sales" for corporate and institutional customers. Is anyone using
Newsstand for HBR or other publications? I got some pricing info from
Newsstand, but I'm wondering if this is the only way to provide online
access to HBR. I haven't seen anything that mentions site licensing
similar to other e-journals and publishers. HBR content has been available
via some of the InfoTrac full text databases, but it looks like that ended
in 2000. Someone told me that HBR full text was once available through
ProQuest ABI/INFORM, but if it was, it isn't anymore.

Thanks for any pointers on this.

Don Richardson ** drichard@wpi.edu
Systems/Reference Librarian
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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