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Seeking ALA speaker

Please repond to Mr. McCafferty if you are interested in the speaking 
assignment below, and let him know of your expertise/credentials.

Sincerely, the Moderators

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 11:29:59 -0500
From: Brian McCafferty <mccaffeb@wabash.edu>

Comments from Brian McCafferty (mccaffeb@wabash.edu)



I'm Brian McCafferty, and I'm a librarian at Wabash College in
Crawfordsville, Indiana.  I am also a member of the ALCTS Media Resources
Committee.  In that capacity I am a member of a committee planning a
program for the 2003 ALA conference in Toronto.  The program we are
putting together is designed to address emerging trends in digital audio
and video materials in libraries and media centers.

I am specifically looking for a speaker who can address licensing and
other (?) legal issues regarding digital media in libraries.

I'm wondering if there is someone on your list who does or can or might
make presentations on these issues, or if you could suggest a possible
speaker for this program.

Our committee plans to have two other speakers who will be addressing
acquisition and access issues relating to digital audio and digital video

I can provide a little more information on the program if that would be
helpful.  At the moment we are looking to find some knowledgeable
assistance in locating a speaker.

I appreciate any assisstance you can provide. Thank you.

Brian McCafferty
Lilly Library
Wabash College