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jurisdiction question

The proposed language that I suggested yesterday (delete jurisdiction and
agree that in case of difference a mutually agreed arbitrator will be
chosen) is getting some positive and some negative feedback.  This leaves
me, frankly, at my wit's end.  I feel we have to recognize that the French
publisher we're speaking with has some issues and some rights and deserves
some protection or assurance.

So my next question is:  does anyone have an example of a license
agreement with a Europe-only publisher that *does* work in a state
institution?  By "Europe-only" I mean a company whose only doing business
address is European, not a multinational with offices and lawyers
elsewhere.  There has to be a success story somewhere that we can share
with our negotiating partners.  If not, then the issue is wider than this
one case.

Jim O'Donnell
Georgetown University