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ILL project seeks (journal) publisher volunteers

**This message is especially for publishers who participate in this list**

A group of librarians from across the country has been working to make
better information available about policies for using content from
electronic resources for interlibrary loan services, **and now we are
seeking a few publishers to work with us to beta-test our project.**

More Information:

We have created an ILL Terms and Provisions Web site to which librarians
could go to find information such as:

. May electronic resources be used to fill interlibrary loan requests and
. Are there any limitations placed on how libraries can fill ILL requests,
  and if so, what are they?

In addition to helping libraries in making interlibrary loan decisions,
this site will also help libraries make decisions about subscribing to
electronic journals and other e-resources.  We will publicize this new
site widely, on this list and various other librarians' discussion lists.  
First, though, we need to gather information from publishers about
licensing terms and provisions regarding using electronic publications for
interlibrary loan, and this is where we could use the help of a few

If you think you would be willing to work with the group on this matter,
please identify your interest to: liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu

We will direct your message to the working group, and one of its members
will be in touch with you soon to explain how you can help and see if you
are definitely interested in proceeding in this partnership.

Thank you very much for considering this invitation.

ILL Terms and Conditions Group


Patricia Ann Loghry, chair, University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Library
Susan J. Barnes, University of Washington Health Sciences Library
Andrew Copnick, University of Miami Richter Library
Janet Croft, University of Oklahoma Library
Stefanie DuBose, East Carolina University Joyner Library
Joan M. Emmet, NorthEast Research Libraries (NERL) Consortium
Kristin Gerhard, Iowa State University Library
Mary Jackson, Association of Research Libraries
Kathryn Miller, National-Louis University Library
Ann Okerson, Yale University Library
Linda P´┐Żez, Lupineconsulting
Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign