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Re: LWW journals and HighWire (LWW Response)

Dear Customer:

We would like to clarify the process for renewing or starting new 2003
site licenses for electronic access to all Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
(LWW) journals.

Society journals published by LWW have historically been accessible via
HighWire, Ovid, Aries, and LWW's own platform.  Each of these options will
remain available to customers.  If you are renewing your site license, it
will not be necessary to sign another license nor complete any addendums.

I will be personally happy to assist any of you with your renewal options.
My contact details are:
    E-mail      mfugle@lww.com
    Telephone   212-886-1271 (collect calls accepted)
    Fax         212-886-1209                 
If you do not need the wider-reaching site license, but would like to
register for User ID/Password single user at a time at one workstation,
please contact our customer service department at 800-638-3030 and
select"2" or e-mail via our online store at http://lww.com.

We apologize for any confusion we may have created and appreciate the
opportunity to continue to provide you and your patrons with high quality
medical information.


Mary Fugle, MLS
Director of Library & Trade Relations
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 
345 Hudson Street
New York,  NY  10014