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Re: OECD "terms"

Having heard some interesting and innovative ideas from Toby Green of
OECD, I am sure Anthony is right, and that there was no malevolent intent.

Fytton Rowland.

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> As someone who put some of the first print journals online and began to
> grapple with the implications, I do want to assure readers of this list
> that attempting to avoid a license but stating terms and conditions did
> not seem to me then 'bizarre' or 'ludicrous'. The idea as to minimise all
> the work involved in framing licenses and getting them signed. It was Ann
> Okerson who put me right and I was grateful.
> OECD are book publishers and the all the complications involved in
> licensing that we serials types are familiar with are for them to
> discover. I am certain (knowing them) that attempts to cause subscribers
> problems is very far from their intentions and that they will appreciate
> guidance rather than scorn.