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BioOne President/COO Wins Award

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2002

For more information, contact:
Alison Buckholtz, alison@arl.org


ALPSP Cites Joseph's Pivotal Role in BioOne's Success

Washington, DC - The Association of Learned and Professional Society
Publishers (ALPSP) has awarded Heather Joseph, President and COO of
BioOne (http://www.BioOne.org), the 2002 ALPSP Award for Service to
Not-for-Profit Publishing.

Joseph's "commitment and enthusiasm have been outstanding and
inspiring," said Sally Morris, President of ALPSP.  "BioOne's success
is largely due to the drive of Heather Joseph."  The award stated
that BioOne has provided the platform for small not-for-profit
publishers to collaborate with libraries and the scientific community
at large, "providing, cost-effective online access to scholarly

ALPSP's Service to Not-for-Profit Publishing Award, judged by a panel
of independent experts who evaluated nominations, was created to
recognize the organization or individual deemed to have the greatest
contribution to the not-for-profit publishing sector. The
contribution may have been made through representation of the
not-for-profit cause; through pilot projects which benefit
not-for-profit publishers; or through the provision of particularly
beneficial services to the sector.  The awards are international and
open to all eligible publishers and others.   Last year's award was
given to SPARC.

BioOne, the Web-based aggregation of research in the biological,
ecological and environmental sciences, includes the full texts of 55
journals from 44 scientific societies and institutions, such as the
_Journal of Mammalogy_ and _Photochemistry and Photobiology_.  As
with all BioOne content, journals are fully linked, both within the
collection and to a variety of external sources. BioOne is also in
the process of producing an e-book to be published in partnership
with the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Heather Joseph joined BioOne in July 2000.  Previous to that, she was
Director of Publishing for the American Society for Cell Biology and
was also with the Society for Neuroscience.

BioOne´┐Ż is a Web-based aggregation of research in the biological,
ecological and environmental sciences. It was developed by the
American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), SPARC (the
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), the
University of Kansas, the Greater Western Library Alliance, and Allen

ALPSP represents the community of not-for-profit publishers and those
who work with them to disseminate academic and professional
information.  Services include monitoring national and international
issues and representing members' interests to the wider world, as
well as offering an extensive program of education, training and
development.  ALPSP is on the web at http://www.alpsp.org.