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2003 Karger Price Lists

The "2003 Karger Price Lists" are now available online at the following
Karger address:  http://www.karger.com/pricelists . The lists include our
Journal Subscription rates as well as details on our Book Series Program.
If you have not already received your copy in the mail, please send an
e-mail to: orders@karger.ch.

In addition to our new "online only" pricing option, which allows access
to online titles without a print subscription, Karger is also upgrading
its server platform to better serve you online.  Other significant changes
to our online content include:

* Five years of fully searchable book and journal articles with journal
reference links to Medline and CrossRef as well as fully integrated DOI
and PubMed Article IDs
* A convenient pay-per-view service for instant online access to book and
journal articles not included in your subscription
* Extensive bibliographic book data dating back to 1890  
* Increased security for e-commerce transactions

For more information regarding the services offered by Karger, please
contact service@karger.ch.