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Re: Registration and patron confidentiality (Incyte Proteome BioknowledgeLibrary)

At an earlier point, I intended that Princeton would subscribe to this

Subsequently, I discovered that the registration was not merely for the
trial, but a permanent feature. In consequence, as the Biology selector at
Princeton, I have decided not to purchase access to this database;  My
reasons are essentially the same as those given by Phil.  I have explained
these reasons to the faculty here, who understand and accept them.  They
may choose individually to waive their privacy rights, but it would not be
appropriate for me to accept a license that would forfeit these rights for
all of them.

To deal with the hidden registration requirement, I proposed the following
clause to Incyte (needless to say, they did not accept it):

"Authorized users as defined [above] accessing the database from the
authorized IP range as set forth [below] shall not be required to further
identify themselves by password , name, or other individual identifier, or
to register individually, in order to access and make full authorized use
of the Bioknowledge Library.  Proteome recognizes that the IP range
limitation ... meets all commercially reasonable requirements for limiting
access to the authorized users as defined ....

Any individually identifiable information that individual users at their
own choice may choose to provide Proteome in the course of using this
database shall be regarded as the Institution's confidential information.  
Proteome shall hold ... . [etc. as in present license provisions.]"

I recommend inserting such provisions in all licenses, and suggest that
the standard license forms be suitably revised.

Dr. David Goodman
Biological Science Bibliographer
Princeton University Library
e-mail: dgoodman@princeton.edu