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Re: Journal usage statistics

At 04:55 PM 9/16/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Sept. 16, 2002
>Currently, I am negotiating with a commercial publisher to include usage
>statistics in the Library's online only journal subscription at no
>additional cost.  The publisher wants to charge an additional percentage
>more on top of the published subscription price to obtain usage
>statistics. In comparison with other commercial publishers, I have not
>encountered this situation since they include online user statistics with
>their subscriptions.


Your note caused me horror, and I forwarded it to the person here at
Hopkins who does usage stats *and* to the associate library director. I
understand that you probably can't say which publisher it is, but your
note was very important for alerting the rest of us about what might be
the next wave of profit-making that the pubs have dreamed up. We will have
to stand very firm on this each time it comes up.

You have my very best wishes for a successful negotiation, and again, many
thanks for letting us know about this development.

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