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Thank you from UNP, SA

Dear all

About a week ago, I posted a message asking for advice on how to obtain
cheaper access to scholarly publications. Thank you to all those who

A number of representatives from publishers and vendors contacted me with
info concerning their reduced prices for developing countries. I passed
the info on to COSALC (our national library consortium), in the hope that,
for some things at least, we might be able to get others on board.

These messages seemed to confirm one piece of advice, viz that we should
contact each of the developing nations suppliers directly.

Others sent lists of "free" stuff on the Web. We are scouring the Web for
such sites, and I was glad to be given addresses I knew nothing about

Another useful piece of advice concerned tactics for getting staff members
(faculty, I think you'd say) to go along with the cancellation of
expensive commercial titles for cheaper (but equally valuable) society

Once more, thank you all.


Dr Nicole Geslin
Cecil Renaud Library
University of Natal
Private Bag X014
Scottsville 3209
KwaZulu Natal 
South Africa

e-mail: geslinn@nu.ac.za
tel: +27 (0)33-2605264
fax: +27 (0)33-2605260