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Free library subscriptions for AIS journals

Of interest for those of you who are following the Developing Nations 
Initiatives (see links under:  <http://www.library.yale.edu/~llicense/>

Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 09:56:43 +0100
From: "Gould, Sara" <Sara.Gould@bl.uk>
To: "'ann.okerson@yale.edu'" <ann.okerson@yale.edu>
Subject: Free library subscriptions for AIS journals

Dear Ann

I hope you can arrange to have this notification added to the 
Nations Initiative list of free access to journals. It's rather old, but 
not yet on the list.  ( I tried to find a more direct submission route 
on Liblicense rather than through you, but failed!)  Hope that's OK.

All the best


At its December 2000 meeting, the Association for Information Systems 
(AIS) Executive Committee agreed that all university libraries in 
countries not listed in the World Bank's list of high income economies 
(see <http://www.worldbank.org/data/databytopic/class.htm#High_income> 
should be granted free subscriptions to the Communications of AIS 
<http://cais.aisnet.org/> and the Journal of AIS 

These are quality electronic journals with articles by leading IS 
scholars.  Please forward this to any libraries that you know of which 
satisfy the criterion. These libraries should contact Samantha Spears 
<director@aisnet.org> of the AIS Office.

Thank you

Richard T. Watson <rwatson@terry.uga.edu>
J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy
Director of the Center for Information Systems Leadership (CISL)
University of Georgia
Athens GA 30602-6273
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