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Another copyright pointer

From: David Carlson <dcarlson@lib.siu.edu>
To: liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu
Subject: Another copyright pointer

Here is a pointer to another useful article on copyright issues in the
Educause Review:


The article is written by Kent Wada who is described as the IT security
and policy coordinator for UCLA and Ruth Simon who is a campus counsel at
UCLA. The article has a clear IT focus with discussion of Napster kind of
issues, but implications of fair use, etc. are discussed.

In this same issue, I was intrigued to read an announcement regarding "New
tool prevents electronic copying." The company involved is Copyseal and
the brief article announces, "new Web technology enforces copyright by
blocking the ability to reproduce Web content.... The technology corrupts
the text rather than destroying it, however, making it still possible (if
infeasible) to read to Copyseal-protected document." My own quick research
led to Copyseal's home page:


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