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Re: ARL/OLMS Online Course in Licensing

Dear Faye,

Our plans at the moment are to leave the advanced course as an in person
event that gives participants the opportunity for more intensive work with
the trainers.  It would likely be offered once a year.  I would welcome
comments on this directly at marycase@arl.org.


Faye Abrams wrote:

> Any word on the Advanced Course being offered in the same manner?
> Faye
> Faye Abrams
> OCUL Projects Officer
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> Subject: ARL/OLMS Online Course in Licensing
> Licensing Review and Negotiation
> ARL/OLMS Online Lyceum Course
> July 15 - August 16, 2002
> The Association of Research Libraries is pleased to announce the
> availability of its newest Online Lyceum course, Licensing Review and
> Negotiation. This course was created in response to consistently high
> demand for the in-person event. Course content is designed and facilitated
> by the same expert faculty who have successfully been offering this
> workshop in person for years, with the added convenience of anytime,
> anywhere access.
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