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Re: license jurisdiction related to pricing

         I find such a concept ultimately unappealing.  The major (but not
only) problem is that the issue of jurisdiction is not optional for state
institutions.  In Ohio (and I have been advised, most if not all other
states) that jurisdiction is an issue of state sovereignty that could be
waived only by the state attorney general.  Given that it is not really an
option for public institutions, I would find it hard to justify
subscription system that favored private institutions for which it is an
option. Given the absence of cases, I can see no basis for discriminatory

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At 11:00 PM 6/21/02 -0400, Ann Okerson wrote:
>The issue of jurisdiction comes up frequently in licensing.  Does anyone
>have experience with a two-tier pricing model designed to address that
>issue?  That is, lower price if you agree to jurisdiction of the
>publisher's choice, slightly higher if you insist on your own?  It might
>be a way to find a win-win situation, if the price differential were not
>Would such a possibility be appealing to librarians and publishers?
>Ann Okerson
>Yale University