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Re: Kluwer e-books announced


Since a good many Kluwer books are a reprint of issues of Kluwer journals,
how will you ensure that we do not pay twice for the same content?

David Goodman
Research Librarian and
Biological Sciences Bibliographer
Princeton University Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-7785

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Ann Okerson wrote:

> Of possible interest to liblicense-l readers.
> _________________________________________________
> For Immediate Release
> Contact Information:
> Christian Alongi
> (781) 681-0596
> Christian.alongi@wkap.com
> Kluwer Online Launches eBook Service For Libraries
> New York, New York - Kluwer Online announces a significant expansion of
> its eBooks service initiated earlier this year: Institutional eBooks, an
> Internet-based service that allows libraries to offer their patrons an
> extensive catalog of reference books in Adobe's Acrobat� eBook format.
> "We're pleased to offer our world-renowned print publications in e-format
> to scientists, researchers, academics and professionals," said Peter
> Hendriks, Kluwer's President. "It will provide our customers with multiple
> options to reach Kluwer's content."
> "Adobe PDF-based eBooks give consumers a visually-rich reading platform
> that renders complex content clearly and accurately," said James
> Alexander, Director of eBooks at Adobe. "Using Adobe Content Server,
> Kluwer can confidently distribute rights-protected eBooks to the
> scientific and research communities and satisfy their demands for quality
> and portability."
> Subscribing libraries will deliver Kluwer Online eBooks to their patrons
> via a secure gateway. Librarians can arrange licenses for unlimited
> concurrent users, ensuring that popular titles are always available,
> without the expense of buying and shelving extra copies. Efficiency and
> manageability are designed in; Kluwer's IP-enabled access gateway provides
> security and manageability for any size patron base.
> Kluwer Online eBooks provide a wide range of functionality for
> institutional clients.  Patrons will download Kluwer Online eBooks from
> the library's collection for renewable 14-day terms. Patrons may copy and
> print from their eBooks in limited quantities, and eBooks also offer
> text-to-speech capability, as well as web-enabled hyperlinks that jump
> straight from the text to the Internet, without opening a separate
> browser.
> Kluwer Online's Institutional eBooks service includes administrative tools
> which give librarians significant control over their accounts, including
> management of patron privileges and online orders for new releases.
> Subscribing institutions' sites will be co-branded with a logo on their
> main page. In addition, the entire collection will be encoded in MARC
> records format to make cataloging and ordering easier and more efficient.
> The initial catalog includes some 450 respected titles in the fields of
> Biomedicine, Chemistry, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering, Physical
> Sciences/Materials Science and Social Sciences. Institutions may purchase
> multiple-user access to the entire catalog, or a subject-specific
> collection - even single titles. Bulk discounts will available for an
> introductory period.
> The new Institutional eBooks service joins Kluwer Online's successful
> retail eBooks program, and Kluwer Online Journals, which currently offers
> online access to more than 50,000 articles in some 750 scholarly and
> scientific journals to both institutions and individuals.