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LC wants to initiate a click-through

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From: Cheryl Calista Cook [mailto:ccoo@loc.gov]
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 6:07 PM
Subject: [CLASSWEB-ANNOUNCE] Question to Class Web pilot testers
concerning click-through end-user licenses

Pilot testers,

CDS is interested in learning your institution's policy concerning
"click-through" end-user licenses and if that policy might affect your
purchase of Classification Web.

CDS is in the final stages of readying Class Web as a production product
and, as part of this process, we have been debating some issues concerning
the management of end-user license agreements.  CDS originally intended to
post a license agreement on our Web site, have customer's sign it, and
mail the hard-copy license back to CDS.

With the delays that the Library of Congress has been experiencing with
mail service following the anthrax attacks, we have had some concern about
being able to promptly complete the paper exchange in the licensing
process. After some investigation we have found that it would be
technically possible for us to set up an electronic "click-though"
end-user license for Class Web.

Would the use of a "click-though" end-user license approach in any way
affect your purchase of Class Web? The licensing scenario customers would
follow would be as listed below:

1.  Customers would download an order form and license agreement from the
Web for review.

2. Return the order form and payment via fax or express mail.

3. The person designated a primary contact in the order form would then
receive his/her username and password from the Class Web account
management system.

4. When that person inputs her/his username and password for the first
time she/he will be required to "click-through" the license agreement to
access the product. (Subsequent access would not be affected.)

5 The "click-through" process would be recorded in the account's history
file including the initiator's name and verified email address .

We would really appreciate your feedback on whether this type of end-user
licensing approach would work for you.  Your input on this matter will
significantly affect how CDS proceeds with the delivery of Classification
Web to our customers .

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your responses.

Cheryl C. Cook
Cataloging Distribution Service
Library of Congress