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News Release: Rich Rosy to Lead netLibrary Division of OCLC

Of posssible interest to liblicense-l readers.

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DUBLIN, Ohio, April 19, 2002-Rich Rosy has been chosen to lead the
netLibrary Division of OCLC.  Mr. Rosy succeeds Rob Kaufman, who is
leaving to pursue other interests.  Jay Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC
Online Computer Library Center, announced Mr. Rosy's appointment as OCLC
corporate Vice President today.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, netLibrary is a leading provider of e-books.
OCLC purchased the assets of netLibrary and created the netLibrary
division of OCLC in January 2002.  Mr. Rosy will manage netLibrary at its
offices in Boulder and will report to Mr. Jordan.

"Rob Kaufman has made enormous contributions to netLibrary and the
development of e-books," said Mr. Jordan.  "We are grateful to him for
guiding netLibrary through a challenging period.  We wish him well in his
future endeavors."

Mr. Kaufman joined netLibrary in February 1999 and was President and CEO
of netLibrary from March 2000 through its subsequent acquisition by OCLC
in January 2002.
"Rich Rosy has worked hard to strengthen netLibrary's relationships with
libraries, publishers, OCLC-affiliated regional networks and other
distributors," said Mr. Jordan.  "He is well suited to lead netLibrary as
it enters an important new stage of its development."

"I'm excited about this opportunity and look forward to helping take
netLibrary to the next level," said Mr. Rosy.  "We have been through a lot
and are looking forward to our next stage of development."

Mr. Rosy most recently was Executive Vice President, Sales and Publishing.
Before joining netLibrary in 1999, he was President of the Consumer
Division of Centrobe, Inc., an EDS company.

In the new organizational structure, Herb Hilderley, Senior Vice
President, MetaText Division, will report to Mr. Jordan.  MetaText
creates, hosts and manages web-based digital textbooks for publishers.

About OCLC

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a
nonprofit organization that provides computer-based cataloging, reference,
resource sharing and preservation services to 41,000 libraries in 82
countries and territories.  OCLC was founded in 1967 to improve access to
the world's information and reduce information costs, and conducts ongoing
research to develop technologies to support that mission.  Together,
libraries and OCLC have built WorldCat, the world's largest database of
bibliographic information.  Forest Press, a division of OCLC since 1988,
publishes the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

More information about OCLC and OCLC regional service providers is
available at <http://www.oclc.org/>.

About netLibrary

Founded in 1998, netLibrary <www.netLibrary.com> is the leading provider
of eBooks for the institutional library market.  netLibrary develops,
hosts, maintains and preserves eBook collections for academic, corporate,
public, and school libraries.  Thousands of libraries throughout the
United States and internationally are currently providing netLibrary
eBooks to their patrons.

About MetaText

The MetaText Division <www.MetaText.com> of netLibrary creates, hosts and
manages web-based digital textbooks for leading textbook publishers.
MetaText digital textbooks provide instructors and students with a full
range of interactive teaching, collaborating and learning tools.


Dewey, Dewey Decimal Classification, Forest Press and OCLC are registered
trademarks of OCLC.