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Enhancements to IOPP's Electronic Journals service

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:51:36 +0100
From: Lucy Pearce <lucy.pearce@iop.org>
Subject: Enhancements to IOPP's Electronic Journals service

*Apologies for cross-posting*

Thanks to Institute of Physics Publishing's (IOPP) ongoing
customer-focused development programme, I am pleased to announce some
exciting additions to our Electronic Journals service
(http://www.iop.org/EJ/). Today sees the launch of BECMatters! (a special
service for the Bose-Einstein condensation and matter wave community) and
the introduction of a number of significant enhancements to our online
search facility.


Online at http://www.iop.org/becmatters, BECMatters! brings together
information for the Bose-Einstein condensation and matter wave community,
including relevant news items, conference information and listings and
links to essential web sites.  This, together with a single point of
access to IOPP's journal articles in this area, is intended to help those
involved in this fast-moving and interdisciplinary research area to find
the information they need, quickly and easily.

The BECMatters! site is freely available to all.  Access to the full text
of the IOPP journal articles identified within it is subject to
subscription status.  The articles can be displayed from the BECMatters!
home page 'By journal' or 'By month' and all have been selected for their
suitability by an IOPP Publisher and an Editorial Board Member.

Please pass news of this valuable resource onto your library users and
bookmark the facility at http://www.iop.org/becmatters.  You will see that
BECMatters! is also accessible, when within our Electronic Journals
service, from the new 'EJs Extra' button at the top of all pages (EJs
Extra also includes IoP Select, another free journals service that we
launched late last year, comprising articles chosen by our Editors for
their novelty, significance and potential impact on future research, see

**Enhanced search facility**

A number of useful features (which have proved to be popular among users
of Axiom(r), our database service online at http://axiom.iop.org), have
also been added to our Electronic Journals search facility this week:

*Export search results*

Having searched our Electronic Journals at http://www.iop.org/EJ/search,
users can now export their search results in a wide variety of formats to
disk, to the e-mail address of their choice or to their screen (for
transfer to other applications).  When logged in, they can also export
their search results to online Filing Cabinets within the service, so that
they can quickly and easily return to the articles in the future.  This
Export Search Results tool can be found on the Search Results page, below
the list of articles.

*Search History (including saved searches)*

Also new to the Search Results page is the Search History area.  This
enables users to access and save previous searches they have made.  Two
types of searches are recorded in Search History: searches performed this
session and saved searches.

Every time a search is made (during any given session), a record of that
search is added to the Search History area.  If these searches are not
saved, they are lost forever at the end of the session.  To keep searches
for use in future sessions, users must login to save them to their
accounts.  Once searches have been saved, users can then return to them in
the future (via the Search History link on http://www.iop.org/EJ/search)
by logging in.

*Default Searches*

For users who always find themselves searching the same set of journals
using the same search terms, saved searches can be set as Default
Searches.  This means that once set, the chosen search is automatically
inputted into the search facility in future sessions (as long as the user
is logged in).

Default Searches can be activated within the Search History area (from
already saved searches).  They can also be created from the User Options
section, accessible from every page within the service (via the User
Options button). Only one Default Search can be set per user.

*E-mail alerts from saved searches*

E-mail alert profiles can also be created from saved searches within the
Search History area.  If a user selects this option, e-mails will be sent
to him/her on a weekly basis, detailing any articles that have been
published that week that meet the search terms.  Once activated, the alert
profile can be amended etc from the e-mail alert configuration page at

*Find more by this author*

Finally, having run a search, users can now click on any author's name
within the Search Results to identify any other articles they have
published in our Electronic Journals service. This handy feature is also
available for the author names on all of our abstract pages.

We hope that you and your library patrons enjoy these additions to our
service.  More will follow in the coming months.  If you have any
questions, please contact us at custserv@iop.org or complete our feedback
form online at http://www.iop.org/EJ/feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Pearce
Senior Product Manager
Institute of Physics Publishing