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High Performance Polymers

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Under this subject Sharon Navas wrote on behalf of IOP on March 4, 2002:

"... The sale of HPP included the sale of the electronic archive from
Volume 3, 1991 to Volume 13, 2001.  Sage has assured IOPP that they will
make the HPP archive, together with current content, available from 15
March 2002."

which was confirmed by Jane Makoff from SAGE on Mar 5 (via Liblicense-l
and lis-e-journals, "High Performance Polymers - Message from SAGE

"Regarding e-Access, IOP are continuing to host electronic files until the
end of March 2002.  After this date access to current and all back issues
will be provided through SAGE's usual intermediaries. There is no
additional charge for access. Simply register with one of SAGE's
intermediaries and then you will receive automatic access to the
electronic files. Details are available on our website:

Unfortunately, to this date (a month later) Ingenta only has the files
from vol. 11, 2 (March 1999) to vol. 13, 4 (December 2001). The files from
1991 to 1998 are missing. At the same time, these files have been deleted
from the IOP Archive and are no longer accessible there. This is just the
situation I had expected to arise. A longer overlap period would have been
a better solution.

I don't know about the status at other aggregators (EBSCO, Minerva, OCLC,
RoweCom, Swets Blackwell).

I hope SAGE can tell us when we can expect to get access to the full
archive as promised.

Best regards,
Bernd-Christoph Kaemper,
Electronic Resources Librarian, Stuttgart University Library