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Re: Article on contract standardization

Would you know if the article is available online?


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Subject: Article on contract standardization

> Greetings:
> Readers may find interesting the following recent article comparing trends
> in technological and contract standardization:
> Margaret Jane Radin, "Online Standardization and the Integration of Text
> and Machine," 70 Fordham L. Rev. 1125 (2002).
> Of particular interest may be Prof. Radin's predictions of increasing
> contract standardization, wholly automated contracting between businesses,
> and tiered, fee-based, licensing options.  Regarding the latter, Prof.
> Radin writes, "... customization of terms and conditions is possible.
> Instead of a take-it-or-leave-it set of fine print terms, a website could
> offer a menu of choices for various clauses, and the user could check
> boxes for which ones were desired. One might choose the warranty
> disclaimer (free) or the two-year warranty (pay $1 extra); one might
> choose to accede to the arbitration clause (free) or the clause allowing
> litigation in one's home state (pay $2 extra)" (1144).
>                     Rob Richards