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Re: FW: Usage data/license etc.

OK, I recognize that ours is perhaps a special case, where the
distribution of ip addresses tells us nothing important. Probably most
research universities have more complicated arrangments, and I can see how
this information might be of real use to them.

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On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Katherine Porter wrote:

> I would hope that there won't be a flood of people saying that they don't
> collect the IP information from online suppliers like the ACS. I wouldn't
> want them to stop providing this very useful data.  We collect it, mainly
> for databases and journal collections that are of shared interest between
> different schools - i.e, Arts & Sciences and the Medical Center.  It
> provides a way for us to demonstrate that indeed there are many people in
> the medical center who use resources provided by A&S and vice versa.
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