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To follow up on this message -- Yale contacted Dr. Zaslavsky at about the
same time I sent this message to liblicense, and received a very prompt
and cordial reply indicating that the gathering of comments and concerns
about the license has finished and recommended wording changes are going
to the CIS lawyers today.  Knowing how legal review sometimes operates at
a slightly different timescale, I don't want to speculate how long it will
be before the click-through is actually revised, but did want to share
that the concerns we had on requirements for destruction of copies,
walk-in use on campus, and jurisdiction all seem like they will be

I also want to say that our correspondence with Dr. Zaslavsky has been
delightful from the standpoint of conversing with a gentleman whose
primary focus is the content of the product, but who has been eminently
willing to be educated about license concerns.

--Kimberly Parker

At 05:24 PM 2/15/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>On this related issue, we've been in long-drawn-out negotiations with a
>professor named Alan Zaslavsky about our concerns with the CIS license.
>(We were directed to him last August when we wanted to negotiate the
>click-through license.)  Our last communication with him seemed to imply
>that the license would be rewritten and that the issues we had would be
>addressed to our satisfaction.  It has been a little while since that last
>communication and we didn't hear back on our last nudge.
>And we have had access to the CIS website while these issues were being
>worked out, but now the click-through is on the site which makes us even
>more anxious to find out what's going to happen next...
>--Kimberly Parker