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E-Choice option for Elsevier's Science/Direct

An anallysis I think will be of interest to Liblicense readers: a discussion
of Elsevier's "E-Choice" option for IDEAL journals.

E-Choice option for Elsevier's Science/Direct
Kimberly Douglas, Dana Roth
Caltech Library System
and David Goodman
Princeton University Library
February 2002


If there's one thing that seems to be as reliable as the rising sun, it's
that each year brings a new ScienceDirect pricing scheme from Elsevier.
This might be seen in the positive context of flexibility and a
willingness to adapt and/or learn. With E-Choice Elsevier has formally
adopted the perspective of those institutions for which quality trumps
quantity. Elsevier expresses it as "depth [4 yr. backfile] over breadth"
[entire online collection]. Additionally, arguments based on use-data must
have resonated so that now the phrase "libraries predetermined collection"
is a marketing slogan. Nevertheless selection of E-Choice, as with all
contracts, must be based on a complete and thorough evaluation of the
proposal and of possible ensuing alternate proposals. To start evaluating
this latest offer from Elsevier, it's best to approach it very
methodically:  The piece on the SPARC website goes on to dissect the
"option" methodically--. Chuck Hamaker