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Re: Electronic acquisitions position

No, thank goodness. This is the position that makes my job livable, and
I'd like to get an idea of how these processes fit into other libraries'
scheme of things. Although it would be nice to just 'mainstream' the
acquisitions/catalog process (including renewals, cancellations), it has
been my experience that there are so many convoluted turns in handling
electronic resources that it is ideal to have the strings held together by
one person who does the nuts and bolts of acquisition/renewal/catalog
record--if you have a decidedly different way of handling things I'll
include that in the summary too.

  At 07:10 PM 2/16/02 -0500, you wrote:
>It sounds like your position to me.
>David Goodman, Princeton University Biology
>dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-3235
>On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Carole Richter wrote:
> > Colleagues,
> >
> > I'm not sure this is the correct list to post my question to, but I'm
> > wondering if other libraries have a staff position which coordinates
> > electronic resource acquisitions--brings in appropriate record from OCLC,
> > places order, manages invoices and payments, tracks statistics for
> > electronic acquisitions, coordinates renewals, add/change URL information,
> > removes superceded records, and generally just keeps all the ducks in a
> > row for these related processes. It sure would help me out to know if you
> > have a position like this, and some idea of the staff level and
> > experience. Many many thanks, and my apologies if this seems too
> > off-topic. I would be happy to just accept direct messages and send a
> > summary to the list. Carole
> >
> > Carole Richter
> > Electronic Resources Coordinator
> > University of Notre Dame Libraries
> > (219)631-8405
> > richter.8@nd.edu