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Re: LibLicense list handling

Hi  everyone

As the sender of the posting Karyn mentions below - in future I'll try to
indicate in the subject line of similar items that it's a genuine posting
for the list. Hope I didn't cause too much alarm!!!!!!

In the mail software we use here (Groupwise) it's possible to set up rules
to send email messages to certain folders using the full email address for
the list.

I have done this so all my liblicense email gets syphoned off from my main

With Best Wishes
Ros ( for Rosalind) Doig
M being my first initial and not some strange form of status!!!

Also if you hadn't realised ac.uk is standard domain format for
educational institutions in the UK although as we all know this is no
guarantee of virus free messages....... :- )

>>> KPopham@sph.uth.tmc.edu 02/13/02 11:48pm >>>
[Moderators' note:  it is our understanding that the type of list
software in use by Yale IT does not label messages in this way, but
we'll follow up just to be sure.]

Is there any way that the list characteristics could be set by Yale so
that <LibLicense> shows up either at the beginning of the subject line or
as the sender?

I ask because I almost deleted Doig's delightful posting unread because it
looked like it might be virus-induced disaster mail: a sender whose name I
did not recognize and a generic subject heading that served as a teaser.

Also, if there were a labeling process, I could use my in-box manager to
corral them all in a separate folder, which would keep me from
accidentally deleting ones I really want to save when "Mailbox is full"
messages start to appear...

Karyn Popham
Houston, Texas

Ros Doig
Serials & Inter-lending Librarian
University of Derby
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Kedleston Road
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