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Re: American Statistical Association licenses and pricing

ASA has also been unresponsive, despite numerous attempts to contact them,
to our objections to their CLICK THRU license terms for CIS 2002.

When I saw the pricing for electronic access to 6 ASA journals, I did
communicate by email with Carol Edwards, Journals Manager.  Perhaps her
address info will be useful to some of you:

Carol Edwards
Journals Manager
American Statistical Association
1429 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
703.684.1221. x139
Fax: 703.684.3410

Subscribers to print and electronic are asked to pay $1199 ($400, 50%
more, over the cost of print).  ASA institutional members (a member
benefit is one paper copy of all ASA journals) are also asked to pay an
additional $1199 over the cost of the institutional membership.  In other
words, no credit is given for the institutional membership!

This is a professional association with a fair number of academics as full
and student members and academic libraries as subscribers.  One can only
hope that they will rethink their policies and consult helpful sources
like the lib-license web site:


                        M A R T H A   T U C K E R
Mathematics Research Library		C306 Padelford
University of Washington		mtucker@u.washington.edu
Box 354350				206 543-7296
Seattle, WA 98195-4350			206 543-5222 FAX

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Linda Lewis wrote:

> UNM-Albuquerque is attempting to negotiate for access to the Current Index
> to Statistics, which is produced by the Institute of Mathematical
> Statistics and the ASA, and we are having the same problems (and received
> exactly the same response to our inquiry).  According to our University
> Purchasing Office, which has signature authority, ASA & IMS are
> considering revising the contract. We hope they do take the concerns
> seriously. Meanwhile, we have had temporary access while they discuss the
> fact that we cannot legally sign their contract.
> Linda Lewis
> Director,Collection Management & Resource Acquisitions
> University of New Mexico General Library
> Albuquerque NM 87131
> llewis@unm.edu