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Although this is a "teaser" for a fee article in MIT's Technology Review,
"Scopeware", the product being discussed, is an interesting concept.

"The Next Computer Interface," Technology Review, 12/2001
By Claire Tristram

The desktop metaphor was a brilliant innovation-30 years ago. Now it's an
unmanageable mess, and the search is on for a better way to handle

"The desktop is dead," declares David Gelernter. Gelernter is referring to
the "desktop metaphor"-the term frequently used for the hierarchical
system of files, folders and icons that we use to manage information
stored on our home or office computers. At the annual gathering of
technophiles at TechXNY/PC Expo 2001 in New York last June, he told the
rapt crowd attending his keynote speech that the desktop metaphor is
nothing more than virtual Tupperware. "Our electronic documents are
scattered by the thousands in all sorts of little containers all over the
place," he said. "The more information and the more computers in our
lives, the more of a nuisance this system becomes." [...]

Additional information:

Scopeware presents all files and data, including email, photos, mp3s etc,
in a "stream" that stretches back into the past and forward into the
future. (Mirror World)