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FW: In The News

See especially The Register item. Chuck

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Net faces being 'most regulated medium in history'
By Tim Richardson, Posted: 31/01/2002, The Register

"A UK-based online civil liberties group (Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties)
has called on governments to protect the freedom of people using the
Internet. And it warns lawmakers that unless they preserve basic freedoms
for online activity, the Internet could end up becoming the "most
regulated medium in history "
Read More:  Cyber Rights Statement:


Students Plagiarize Less Than Many Think, a New Study Finds By ALEX P.
KELLOGG, Friday, February 1, 2002, Information Technology. The Chronicle
of Higher Education: http://chronicle.com/free/2002/02/2002020101t.htm


Labels dodge scrutiny in Napster case
By John Borland, CNET News.com,

"According to transcripts of a Jan. 16 meeting, released Wednesday, Judge
Marilyn Hall Patel was about to open a process examining whether the big
record labels had "misused" their copyrights in their dealings with online
rivals. One day later, the labels asked for a 30-day halt to the case to
pursue settlement talks more vigorously."

Record Companies on the Defensive
By MATT RICHTEL, NYT Times January 31, 2002