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FirstSearch license terms


We at UConn are in the process of ordering additional searches for our
FirstSearch per-search accounts.  The reminder email I set warning us we
were running out of searches directed me to this form:
http://www2.oclc.org/oclc/pdf/fsindo.pdf; the form is dated 6/27/2001 (the
last time we bought more searches was shortly before then).

For the first time we have seen, part of the order form is four pages of
service terms. A couple sections are problematic for us.

One is: "6. Subscriber is solely responsible for all security for and all
use, including unauthorized use, of the FirstSearch service initiated by
Subscriber's FirstSearch service authorization numbers and passwords, and
shall promptly notify OCLC in writing of lost or stolen passwords and
authorization numbers. Subscriber shall pay OCLC at OCLC's prevailing
rates for unauthorized use of the FirstSearch service hereunder."

Has there been any coordinated effort at developing more acceptable
language? We would much appreciate hearing if there have been successful
replacements for this language. It is new to us at UConn.


Dave Bretthauer
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