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Re: online article: New Merck site provides a vast array of information

Thanks for the info.

Pity Mexico neither qualifies for this new Merck site (you have to be a US
Resident) nor for the WHO free medical journals for developing economies
initiative (not poor enough ;-)

We're really stuck in the middle here, in more ways than one!

Shirley Ainsworth
Instituto de Biotecnologia-UNAM
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On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Abbott, Bruce wrote:

> The link below from American Medical News provides a review of
> MerckMedicus. [American Medical News is freely accessible to all].
> MerckMedicus offers subsidized (free) access to health professionals for
> the following resources:
> "Praxis.MD (a point-of-care reference for primary care providers), DXplain
> (a differential diagnosis tool), national treatment guidelines, the Merck
> Manual, Cecil Textbook of Medicine, Dorland's Medical Dictionary,
> Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and MD Consult".
> This brings up a question: Does this model of providing free access to
> expensive resources (in this case, subsidized by an international
> pharmaceutical concern) exist in areas outside healthcare?
> http://www.ama-assn.org/sci-pubs/amnews/pick_02/teca0128.htm
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