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Help! ICTs and education and research in the developing world

Forwarded at Mr. Arunachalam's request. liblicense-l readers might wish to
respond to him directly, unless you think that the topic is appropriate
for the liblicense-l list as well.

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From: Subbiah Arunachalam [mailto:arun@mssrf.res.in]
Sent: Tuesday, 11 December 2001 6:28 PM
Subject: Help! ICTs and education and research in the developing world

Dear friends:

I am starting on two writing assignments. And I will be grateful for your

ONE: In what ways new information and communication technologies can
affect the research process in the developing countries? Will new ICTs
increase access to relevant research information for scientists and
scholars in the poor countries? Will they help in bringing in greater
opportunities for developing country researchers to collaborate with
researchers in better-endowed advanced country institutions? Will it help
them access computers and other experimental facilities located in the
advanced countries? I want NOT Merely your views BUT ALSO ACTUAL

TWO: I am writing an article on how best we could use new ICTs in
transforming elementary and secondary education in rural areas of
developing countries. We all know that there is a big urban-rural divide
in all our countries. Education is one area where the divide could be and
needs to be bridged quickly. I would welcome your thoughts in this field,
again with an emphasis on practical experience and real cases.

Thanks and regards.

[Subbiah Arunachalam]
Distinguished Fellow
M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
Taramani Third Cross Street
CHENNAI  600 113,  India