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RE: PsycArticles License

> 1. When we receive a request for an article from a print journal, many
> libraries (including mine) normally send it by Ariel.

I think any publisher would be foolish to forbid Ariel transmission, given
the safeguards it affords.  I can understand restricting e-ILL via email,
but not via Ariel.

> 2. In some respects the most obnoxious part of the ILL clauses for
> electronic journals is the requirement for the lending library to send
> data to the publisher.

Agreed.  We need to try to wean publishers away from this type of

> 3. The attempt to hold libraries responsible for the actions of their
> patrons was also dealt with for print by the Copyright law, by the notices
> placed on copies and on photocopiers. Again, it's good enough here.

Ditto.  At my institution, we never agree to be held responsible for patron

> 4. The solution, unlikely as it may be in the present repressive legal and
> legislative climate, is for the fair use provisions of print to cover
> electronic also.

Well, that's certainly a good solution for you and me, and it's the one I
personally prefer.  But some publishers clearly disagree, and since I
don't make my living doing what they do, I'm inclined to let them decide
which risks are acceptable to them and which ones aren't.  (Though I
certainly argue with them on occasion when I think they're wrong.)

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