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RE: PsycArticles License

> Then why do they sell electronic access at all?

Because there's money to be made in selling it.

> There's a whole lot more
> opportunity for mass redistribution, if anyone wants to do that, by the
> 1000s of users who have legit access to their own campus electronic
> subscriptions, than via the relatively small number of ILL'd articles on
> obviously scattered subjects.

That's why they impose stringent license agreements that often say, among
other things, that the library is responsible for any copyright
infringement by its users and that the library will make sure its users
understand what kinds of use are and are not allowed.  Again, is this
failsafe?  No, but it's understandable.

(That said, I never approve a license agreement that requires my
institution to assume responsibility for our users' actions.  But I can
understand why publishers wish we would.)

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