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Cambridge Journals Online to add server capacity

With apologies for cross-posting

We have recently experienced significantly increased usage of Cambridge
Journals Online (CJO), and some users have noticed connection delays when
trying to reach the CJO site.  We tried to mitigate the inconvenience by
limiting the number of concurrent users and by timing out sessions where
no activity has taken place for five minutes.  While these efforts have
helped to some degree, they have failed to reinstate a consistently
acceptable level of service.

We therefore have ordered new hardware for CJO, and the new server will be
installed within the next two to four weeks.  This should restore and even
surpass the site�s past performance standards.

Please accept our apologies for any difficulty you may experience.  We
appreciate your patrons� use of our journals, and ask for their (and your)
continued patience in the interim.

Sue Belo
Journals Marketing Manager, Cambridge

Susan Soule
Journals Marketing Manager, New York