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Re: license for TLG on the Web

Hi Bonnie,

We have experienced a similar impasse over a liability clause with
Butterworths Online. We have suggested alternate wording but the company
refuse to budge. I was given the Sales and Marketing Director as the
contact who said it is a "commercial" decision not a "legal" one!! I
wonder how it can be "commercial" if it means we can't buy their product.
The only strategy I have come up with is to go above the Marketing
Director, I waiting for my sources to give me a contact name and address.

I wonder if they realise how out of step they are with other more
reasonable publishers.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

Gail James
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At 06:29 PM 27/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I have just started working with our license for the Thesaurus Linguae
>Graecae on the Web to discover that they have both an indemnity clause and
>a clause specifying adjudication under the laws of California. For us as a
>state institution, both are deal breakers. The TLG staff inform me that
>their legal counsel at California-Irvine say that they can't change either
>Is this a total impasse or has someone worked this out to the satisfaction
>of a state university office of legal counsel? I'm going to have some
>pretty irate Classics faculty on my hands. Bonnie Cox
>Bonnie Jean Cox
>Electronic Resources/Licensing
>University of Kentucky Libraries