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RE: privacy promises and languge interfaces at Lindt

Elsevier (http://www.elsevier.com) has a selection of language interfaces
including French, Japanese, and other Asian languages. These are
avaialable by using the pull-down menu under the heading "Regional Sites."

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From: Ann Okerson [mailto:ann.okerson@yale.edu]
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Subject: privacy promises and languge interfaces at Lindt

While checking out the home page of Lindt-Sprungli chocolate
(www.lindt.com), I discovered there two very nice features:

1.  A particularly user-friendly privacy policy (click on "our privacy
promise"); see section on "cookies," for example.

2.  A choice of interfaces in English, French, German -- depending on
country choice one makes.  This is a feature one sees very little or not
at all for academic content.  Anyone know of publishers who have
multi-lingual interfaces?

Ann Okerson
Yale University