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Intellectual Property: The Attack on Public Space in Cyberspace

Howard Besser's article of the above title, published in Processed World,
September 2001 , is available at


"....this article focuses on....-- the disappearing information commons
both online and in print due to the assertion of strong intellectual
property rights"

RE the disappearance of the first sale doctrine in digital works Besser

But in proposed digital age legislation, the purchaser of a work could not
legally sell it or give it away without permission from the rightsholder.
In a world without first sale:

*	publishers could refuse to distribute to unfriendly critics
*	organizations could prevent gadflies or consumer groups from viewing
	documents that might be used to paint them in unflattering terms
*	authors could prevent known satirists from getting copies of their
*	libraries would not be able to lend works

Available as a "pre review" pdf file:


Chuck Hamaker