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Wiley InterScience now offers OnlineBooks!

Of possible interest...

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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:02:56 -0500
From: CHosford@wiley.com
Subject: Wiley InterScience now offers OnlineBooks!

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Dear Customer,

On October 31, 2001 we launched Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks, a dynamic
new service which you, as a Wiley InterScience customer, are sure to want
to know about.

Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks represents the next step in the evolution
of digital information resources: the complete contents of essential print
works re-purposed for the online environment. More than 290 frontlist and
recently published backlist titles are being clustered into Libraries and
Collections that will serve as user friendly, convenient reference tools
featuring the same broad searching capabilities, subject categorization,
and logical interface familiar to all users of Wiley InterScience.

Chemistry Library:
Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Collection
Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Collection Polymers, Materials Science
and Industrial Chemistry Collection

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Library:
Communications Technology Collection
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Collection
Wireless Communications Collection

Life and Medical Sciences Library:
Medical Sciences Collection
Pharmaceutical Medicine Collection
Molecular Biology Collection

Why Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks?

� Easy to browse and search content across related titles
� Chapter summaries provide a snapshot view for readers in a hurry
� Unlimited access by authorized users; no need for multiple copies
� Available at the user desktop
� Titles can be linked to the library catalog
� Content can be used in coursepacks and linked to course websites
� Usage statistics will assist in future collection management decisions

  Sign up for trial access now at www.interscience.wiley.com/onlinebooks

How do I sign up for Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks?

Customers can license one or more collections, and pick and choose between
collections in the three libraries if they choose; they do not have to
take all the collections in a library. Pricing is calculated based on FTEs
and the number of collections licensed.

� The more collections licensed the better the price.
� Sign up before April 30, 2002 and get a 10% discount
� Customers who license Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks are eligible to
  purchase ArticleSelect tokens to access chapters in unlicensed books and
� Licenses run from January 1 ? December 31, and may be renewed to retain

We look forward to speaking with you about Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks

--end of announcement--