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New Digital Rights Management Listserv

Of possible interest.

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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:00:48 -0400
From: "Joan K. Lippincott" <joan@cni.org>
To: Multiple recipients of list <cni-announce@cni.org>
Subject: Launch of Digital Rights Management Listserv

This new listserv is an outgrowth of a workshop co-sponsored by CNI.

At the Managing Digital Video workshop held in Atlanta, August 14-15, a
lot of discussion centered on digital rights management (DRM) development
to support the building and sharing of digital resource collections. One
of the action items from the Rights Language breakout sessions was the
creation of a list to discuss possible cooperative development of a DRM
implementation for R&E, and to enable workshop participants to communicate
about work being conducted in this area. We had hoped to follow up with
this action item in early September, but events in New York and DC
affected our progress. However, as the country gets back to business,
we're moving forward with the launch of the Rights-L list.

Some of the first communications to this new list will concern work being
proposed as a collaboration between the ViDe VideoAccess Working Group,
and the Internet2 Video Middleware (VidMid) Video-on-Demand group. This
work is part of the recently announced NSF Middleware Initiative.

If subscription to Rights-L is of interest to you, you can subscribe by
sending a message to listserv@listserv.utk.edu with the text "subscribe
rights-l My Name" or by visiting the page

Thank you,

Mairead Martin


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