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E-Journal and Database Usage Statistics - developing an internationalCode of Practice

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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 18:26:26 +0100
From: Alison S Mcnab <Alison.McNab@KCL.AC.UK>
Subject: E-Journal and Database Usage Statistics -
developing an              international Code of Practice

E-Journal and Database Usage Statistics - developing an international Code
of Practice

Today's business environment places a growing emphasis on the
justification of expenditure on information products. So reliable,
consistent and compatible online usage statistics are becoming an urgently
needed and essential resource for vendors, libraries and users. It is
therefore vital that the global information community should do its utmost
to get together to pool collective wisdom and expertise towards developing
just one Code of Practice for e-journal and database usage statistics. The
worst possible scenario would be a multiplicity of codes and conventions
which, because of their incompatibility, get minimal buy-in.

It was with this in mind, that the Publishers and Libraries Solutions
(PALS) group, an organisation created by the JISC, the Publishers'
Association (PA) and the Association of Learned and Professional Society
Publishers (ALPSP), decided to set up the PALS Usage Statistics Working
Group in September 2000, chaired by Richard Gedye from Oxford University
Press. The aim of the Working Group is to develop a Code of Practice for
vendor based e-journal and database usage statistics that will include
guidance on:

*       Which data elements should be measured
*       Definitions of these data elements
*       Output report formats/ frequency/ granularity
*       Methods of delivery
*       Methods of combining usage reports from direct use and from use
        via intermediaries - including gateways, aggregators, and
        electronic document delivery vendors
*       Methods of measuring remote usage of institutionally licensed
*       Methods of measuring usage from caches and mirrors

In June 2001, the group organised an international forum in London, to
discuss a set of draft proposals. The forum was attended by some 55
representatives from the vendor, standards and library communities and the
outcome was agreement on a substantial number of data elements and their
definitions, as well as on matters of output and delivery. However, as
expected, a significant number of issues proved too complex to be resolved
on the day. Consequently, these outstanding issues were grouped into six
discrete areas and volunteer experts were identified from the delegates to
become members of six sub-groups to undertake further work on
understanding and resolving the issues concerned. The work of the
sub-groups is now successfully feeding into the development of the Code of

The Working Group aims to produce a basic Code of Practice by Spring 2002.
There will then be further wide ranging consultation and regular ongoing
development of the Code to take into account more complex issues and, most
importantly, to reflect future developments in technology, market
practices and vendor functionality. It is hoped to reinforce this
development by encouraging the establishment of an international and
multi-agency body to develop, manage and maintain one agreed Code of
Practice and to act as a co-ordinator of the major existing initiatives.

For further information visit the Working Group's website at:

Alison McNab, Collections Manager - Journals & Discovery Tools
JISC/DNER Office, King's College London,
Strand Bridge House, 138-142 Strand,  London WC2R 1HH
Telephone: +44 207 848 2513
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Email: Alison.McNab@kcl.ac.uk