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EBLIDA licensing brochure:new edition

A new edition of the popular EBLIDA brochure "Licensing Digital Resources.
How to avoid the legal pitfalls" is now available on the ECUP website in
html and pdf formats at:


or on request from the EBLIDA secretariat.

What is the brochure about?

In the paper environment, the librarian buys books to which its users have
potentially unlimited access. By contrast, in the digital environment, the
librarian is in many cases expected to buy access to the electronic copy
for a specific period of time and under certain conditions of use. Access
is mostly bought via a licence.

Negotiating the price of a licence alone is not enough. Awareness of the
type of pitfalls and the issues that arise go a long way towards the
negotiation of a better licence for your institution.


EBLIDA workshop on licensing electronic resources

If you would like to learn more, EBLIDA runs a workshop for librarians and
other information workers involved in the purchase of electronic
information. The workshop is intended for those engaged in reviewing and
negotiating licences for electronic resources with information providers
on behalf of the library, the institution as a whole or a consortium. The
next workshop will take place in The Hague on Friday 12 April 2002. More
information and a registration form at:


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