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RE: NEJM- Problem with new passwords since 10-1-01

Try using your regular user name and password in the administrative place.
I found that our two sets of username/password were jumbled.  NEJM
rearranged them in response to my email request using the form on their
web site to contact them about the problem.

Renee Mansheim
Technical Services Coordinator
Eastern Virginia Medical School Library
P.O. Box 1980, Norfolk, VA  23501
757 446-5842    FAX: 757 446-5134

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From: Shipley, Michele [mailto:Michele_Shipley@URMC.Rochester.edu]
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 7:10 PM
To: 'liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu'
Subject: RE: NEJM- Problem with new passwords since 10-1-01

Elizabeth and other list members, I have not even been able to get a new
password from NEJM because the website that we were directed to use to
apply for the new password (http://nejm.org/custserv/instselecttype.asp
)will not let me login with my current administrative user name and
password. I receive the following message "The Name you chose does not
appear to be an Institutional Administrator.  Please try again.".  I've
talked with customer service at NEJM three times but they do not seem to
be able to figure out what the problem is.  Has anyone else experienced
similar problems?

Michele Shipley
Information Resources Coordinator
Edward G. Miner Library
University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY  14642
(716)275-4799 (fax)

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From: Elizabeth Lorbeer [mailto:ELorbeer@rushu.rush.edu]
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2001 8:14 AM
To: liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu
Subject: NEJM- Problem with new passwords since 10-1-01

Friday, October 12, 2001

Hello List:  Has anyone experienced login problems after October 1st with
the reissue of the new login and password for NEJM?  Our Library chose the
login and password option before the October 1 deadline, instead of the
limited five workstations, and our new login has rarely worked.  Some days
only the administrative login works.  We have made several calls to NEJM,
and yesterday our old pre October 1 login and password was working.  From
day to day, it's a guessing game.

Anyone else have this problem?


Elizabeth Lorbeer
Collection Development Manager @ Library of Rush University
312-942-2282 (8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. CT)
elorbeer@rushu.rush.edu <mailto:elorbeer@rushu.rush.edu>